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The world's first plant grown cheese

Like any great cheese, ours comes from a farm

We work with independent farmers throughout the midwest to raise soybean plants from seed to full flower – plants that we have painstakingly taught how to grow the dairy protein casein.

Casein is what gives cheese its stretch, melt, and mouthfeel. It’s what makes cheese, cheesy.







from farm to slice

Once harvested, we then take our plant-grown casein and pass it along to our master cheesers.

…and voila, the world’s very first plant-grown dairy cheese is on your plate and ready to be devoured.


Cheese is delicious, addictive and universally beloved. That's why everyone deserves a righteous mozza dripping pie and a planet that isn't on fire. By teaching plants to grow dairy proteins, our cheese makes that possible.

arepas that pop and pull

poutine that melts like a dream

All cheese to all people

The vast majority of cheese lovers want to make sustainable choices, but cost and taste is what's holding them back.

By tapping into 90 million acres of American soybean crops, we're leveraging the power of farmers to make an insanely delicious cheese that can compete with the cow.