...into the ways we commoditize animals for food and saw the disconnect to the environmental impacts and cruelty that it causes. I finally grasped the connection I intuitively understood when I was a child. We are all connected—humans, animals, and nature. So I wanted to find a way to make the foods we love without the animals.

     Cheese was the food I loved eating the most, so that’s where I started. In the past few months, I’ve had many friends say, ‘I get Meatless Mondays. I could imagine being a vegetarian, maybe. The only thing that I am never going to give up is cheese.

     It's really the last frontier, the insurmountable thing that everyone is attached to and believes that nothing could ever be as good, and could never live without.

We make delicious cheese from plant-derived dairy proteins, supporting a larger mission of creating a radically more humane and sustainable food system. Our cheese stretches, melts, and tastes as great as the ones from cows and goats—minus the animals.

As I began researching cheese, I learned that unique proteins found in cow’s milk make cheese cheese.     

     They’re what give cheese its ability to melt and stretch, be grated, and taste so good. If I wanted to create cheese without cows, I had to somehow create those proteins but without cow’s milk. So I went to work. 

      Nobell is built on connection and pleasure. We all want to enjoy the one life we have—savoring good food is a big part of that. We’re proving that it’s possible to experience the pleasure of delicious food without breaking our connection to our larger community.

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